Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is Claire an elf?

Hello. I'm awfully bored. So I thought I'd talk (or type if you want to get typical) about a suspicion that I have.

So, you all know my IFriend Claire? Well, I think she's an elf. Why? I have manny good reasons:

1) She's tall

2) She has black hair with a silver streak in it. (Black and silver are the two primary elf hair colours)

3) She's super fast and strong and stuff. (She rides her bike like everywhere, and it takes a lot of peddling)

4) Her face is long and angular, just like an elves.

5) She's a good shot with bows and arrows.

6) Okay, last night I came up with like eleven, but now I cant think of any. I'm just going to leave it at that.

So yeah, I think that's plenty enough good reasons to suspect Claire is part elf. If not whole elf. I just have to get her to put her hair up so I can check for pointed ears....

Mocha: Or you could ask her. That might be a little less painful.


Claire: *walks into the room* Ask me what?

Mocha: We were just wondering, are you or are you not part and/or whole elf?

Claire: Um, yeah, I'm an elf, why?

Mocha: Just wondering.

Claire: Okay....

Well, now that that's over, I really have nothing to say. So.... Bye, I suppose.

PS: Another argument has sprung up between Claire, Mocha and Eddie. (What else is new?) Help me and Maraschino put a stop to it by voting on the new poll.

PPS: The poll is over there =>

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My brain is on holiday

Hello. My brain went on a tropical vacation to Hawaii three days ago, and today I got a postcard! Here's what it said:

Having a good time in Hawaii, better be no math when I get back! Lol.
Tourists are annoying, but other then that it's fine here. No hard
thinking, so I fear I'm getting lazy. Oh well, back to work soon!

... NO CRAP BACK TO WORK SOON! As soon as that lump of flesh and electric currents gets back here, I'm working him harder then ever! Why you ask? Because this morning, so early I wasn't even thinking properly, some teeny GIRL jumped out of my head!

Apparently the girl, who's name she will not disclose, was a prisoner inside my mind. She had been sentenced to be hanged, for what I'm clueless, but the guards who were supposed to be watching her cell had gotten lazy while my brain is on holiday. So, she escaped her cell by digging her way out through my skull! The hole is gone now, no doubt the guards filled it up so that when Brain comes back, it'll take him a while to notice that the prisoner had escaped. Well, at the moment I know next to nothing about this two-inch-tall girl, but when I learn something important about her, I'll probably report it. Now I have to shout at my cat. Bye!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wensday night TV

Okay, so I already posted today, but whatever.

Crash course is on, and they're flipping cars. The mother-son team is up, and they're calling each other 'baby.' It's creepy. Now he called the host baby. OH! He flipped and slid on his roof! AND THERE WAS AN EXPLOSION!

Oh, it's the blonds! They hit the camera! LOLZ! One of them is a brunette, but don't believe it. they're both blond. They were all "I'm a blond, I have more fun!" and "Well I'm a brunet, so I'm smarter and I have more fun!" "Oh, are you kidding me? You have more blond moments then I do, and I'm a natual blond!" "I'll let you think that, cause I'm the bigger person. "But I'm bigger then you."

Mocha: I officially LOVE this show! Blonds RULE!

Don't worry, it's just because they crack her up, not not because she loves being blond.

besides, she's not blond.

IT'S BACK! the married ones have shiny teeth. It's like *shing* they didn't even flip, it tripped onto it's side!

Now it's team brothers in law. They love each other, then they hate each other. It's hilarious. now there all "I love you dude, I love you I swear I love you, I promise I love you. I love you so much dude!" It's scary! And now the hosts' voices are soothing? The one guy is like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHH AHH AHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And now they're hitting themselves. *shakes head*

And my mom is older then the internet. Just some random knowledge.

Mocha has finally stopped laughing. Claire hasn't.

Oh, and team married is out. :( No more tooth paste commercials.

And it's back. this event's called tow tow your boat. they have to back up with big boat things. now the blonds are being blonds, and the mom was all "I'm sweating in places I didn't know I had!" And son went "TMI, mom." No! not the fish! The hosts are talking all deep and "this is awesome!" And there go the best friends. now to go back and fix my horrid grammar...

Oh, I should say that the best friends (blonds) were all "Were going to be number one!" And they held up two fingers. BLOND MOMENT!

Okay, last thing, and I'm not going to fix my grammar after this... you've been warned.

i can't wait till this! it's going to be so sweet! team mom and son, and he's still calling her baby, and theyle off! he;s hitting everything@ she kweps saying :Slow slow" theu're sutgk in th mud where are the keys? info the wxplioding vars noe they switch. thay reverse...door twi animal vrossing... and BOOM! they're done!

now for the loveey brothers. the one just said "If you win this, i'm going to get on the top of theis car and hold you like i haave never held yu." I'm scared. now to fix the worst of up there ^ so you can at least read it.

Kay, brothers again. they shout allot, and i have to pee. the golden steering wheel is up for grabs. thoes brothers in law are scary they're offf and the oh my gods have started already... he's raking foos vormers, theu get through the barrels and they're stuck... and they go. EXPOSIE vARS! now the switch...i really have to pee, you better bbe thankfull for my awsome comentary... and they reverse. what doo rwill they chose awe, two again. vears BOOM! THEY WON! *sigh* awsome show,although the brothers just kissed each other, and one of them is crying. wow, awesome show.

wow, if you can read that^ tell me what it says. good night!

Hi again!

Okay, so I haven't posted anything for a while, (not that it matters, as no one reads (other then my mom) this anyway) and I have two good reasons for that.

The first good reason) I forgot my password :3

The second good reason) My parents stopped watching Battle Star Galactica, which is the reason I started this in the first place. (not because they stopped, but because they were in the first place) Apparently, they watched all there is to watch. Witch is allot.

So there is this new book out I want to get, called 'This book is not good for you.' It's by Pseudonymous Bosch, and it's the threequel to 'the name of this book is secret.' Heh, I just made up a word, threequel. Smenyway, the second book in this hole series is 'If you're reading this it's too late,' just in case you were wondering. On the first page you have to sign a contract in blood, (I used a red marker) so I can't tell you about it. Sorry.

Other then that, nothing has been going on latly. I bug my dad, I read, I bug my mom, I read, I bug my sister, I write, I bug my sisters friends, I write some more... That's pretty much it. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Mocha: Hi! Did you miss me?

I'm sure they can get allong quite alright without you, Mocha.

Mocha: Yeah, probably.

Oh! here's something exiting! I have a knew fave word! Ask me what it is.

Mocha: Why should I?

Because if i just say it'll sound like I'm being all "My fave word is better then you fave word, nyah!" But if you ask me, I have a legitamate reason to tell you.

Mocha: Alright, I'll humour you. *fake happy voice* What's your new fave word, SuperPanda?


Mocha: Desacrate?

Yes. It's an awesome word, okay.

Mocha: Well duh. I'm just suprised that your fave word means...


Mocha: Fine, no need to use caps lock.

Thank you. Anyway... Oh, half an hour before Wipeout comes on! Just enough time to tell about the book sale and the book I'm reading!

Mocha: Cool. And I'm not being sarcasic for once.

Okay, so we went to a booksale last Saterday, and I got a thesarus, a french-english dictionary, Holes, and the first four Harry Potter books! That is signifagant in my mind.

Mocha: Hurry up, it's 7:53, and Wipeout comes on at 8:00!

Okay, I'm going.

Mocha: Good.

You know, if you stopped inturupting me I'd go faster!

Mocha: Fi-


(Mocha makes a face and says nothing)

Okay, so I'm reading an Agatha Christie called The Boomerang Clue. Someone got pushed off a cliff, annother got poisoned, and annother one got into a car crash on purpose. It's a very cool book and I haven't finished it so if you have don't tell me how it ends now I'm going to go watch Wipeout bye!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Which are the best strawberries?

Seriously, my parents are watching Battlestar Galactica, (or BSG as they call it) again! After watching it till past midnight last night! I mean, maybe you think it's a good show, but now we're border lining obsession here!

Claire: And it's freaking me out.

You all know Claire, right? one of my IFriends?

Claire: Hi.

So anyway... *cough* *whistles* Hi.

Mocha: You don't have anything planed, do you?

Sure I do, I just can't remember it.

Claire: Why don't you talk bout strawberry picking?

Good idea. *ahem*

So yesterday I went strawberry picking with my mom, sister, and grandma. We do that pretty much every year, and this year was just like another. We picked berries, we collected berries in our buckets, and we ate lots and lots of berries! They were pretty good, besides the fact that there were more moldy ones then fresh ones, at lest by my calculation. (actually, I didn't calculate anything. I hate math) Honestly, I found berries that were little more then grey fuzzy lumps. It was fun.

Mocha: The smallest ones are the sweetest.

Claire: The purpley ones are pretty sweet to.

Mocha: Ugh, no, those ones are just overly juicy and gross.

Claire: Are not!

Okay, this could go on for a while, so I'm going to stop reporting it.

Eddie: What are the two girls arguing over?

Hi, Eddie. I don't really know...

Hey, we can ask Eddie.

Mocha: You kidding me? Ask Eddie? What for?

Claire: You have a point...

Eddie: What am I not being asked?

Something to do with what's the best kind of strawberry, or something.

Eddie: The big red ones, duh.

Claire: Since when? Those are just the stupid little stereotypical strawberries.

Mocha: Yeah. Besides, the little ones are sweeter.

Eddie: They are not.

Claire: Yeah, the purpleish ones are juicyest, making them officially the best.

Eddie: Since when?

Mocha: The little ones are obviously the best.

Claire: Are not!

Maraschino: Why are you all arguing?!

Mocha: We're trying to decide what are the juicyest strawberries.

Maraschino: Do you have to argue over it?

Eddie: Yes.

Claire: Of course.

Mocha: We're just having a conversation.

Maraschino: Well knock it off!

Maraschino's our peace keeper, we'd all murder each other in our sleep if it wasn't for him.

Mocha: Although he can get annoying sometimes.

Maraschino: Hey!

Claire: Well, I still say the purpleish ones are the best.

Maraschino: Why don't we do a poll, or something.

Mocha: A what?

Eddie: You don't know what a poll is, Mocha?

Mocha: I know what a poll is, I just don't see why we should have one.

Claire: Yeah, I mean, it's so obvious the purpleish ones are the best.

Eddie: Well, maybe Maraschino has a point...

Maraschino: Thank you.

Mocha: Oh, you're just siding with him cause you wanna make it boys vs girls.

Eddie: Do not!

Can I get a word in edge wise?

Mocha, Claire, Eddie: What?

I think Maraschino had a good idea. Well, a better one then you all arguing forever.

Maraschino: Thank you.

So, look to your, er, right, and there should be a poll on what the best kind of strawberry is.

Well, I better go before they start arguing again. Bye!